What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers.


What are the advantages of having my part powder coated versus having it wet coated?

Powder Coating is known for its chemical resistance and durability. Many people choose powder coating over a traditional wet coat because of the wide variety of colors, textures, and its resistive properties to chemicals, graffiti, and heat.


What colors/finishes are available for me to choose from in having my part powder coated?

The range of color and finishing options are virtually limitless!


What condition should my part be brought in to be ceramic/powder coated?

We ask that the part be brought in cleaned, degreased, and free from any loose dirt or heavily flaked rust. Any bushings should also be removed.


Can my chrome part be powder coated?

The chroming process is very different than powder coating. While “chrome” color is available in powder form, the finish typically does not possess the true luster of chrome.


Can colors be applied to have chrome-like appearance?

Many popular colors are available in a chrome-like reflective finish. We will be glad to discuss the possibilities with you.


Can my galvanized part be powder coated?

Yes.  Care must be taken to minimize the outgassing effect caused by the reaction of the powder to the galvanized coating. Defects in the galvanized coating must be removed and the part must be brush blasted mechanically to SSPC-SP7/NACE No. 4.


Will powder coating my part cover the pits/holes caused by previous rust and corrosion?

Generally, the surface complexion of your part will show through the powder coating. However, pits and holes caused by rust or other damage can be filled with LabMetal to produce the desired uniform finish.


How big of a product are you capable of powder coating, are there any size or weight limitations?

Our oven size is 6′ x 6′ x 9′, but we are capable of curing pieces up to 11.5′ long with our oven extension. Our racks are built to support a max load of 1000+ lbs. It is best to call for exact details.


How long should I expect the process to take, when will my part be done?

Our usual turnaround time is 1 – 2 weeks, depending upon our current workload.


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