APPC is steadfast in adhering to our quality procedures throughout the powder coating process. Section 11 of our Quality Systems Manual defines the guidelines to which all parts are coated. All parts are processed in accordance with the latest standards and specifications defined by the SSPC, NACE and the Powder Coating Institute.

Our initial Surface Preparation process includes methods of solvent, mechanical, or chemical cleaning. We then apply an iron phosphate conversion coating and non-chromate sealer to protect the surface and assist in the coating bond.

Special precaution is taken to ensure you receive the best quality product when coating over galvanized surfaces and cast components.

Items are then electrostatically coated per your order, or as defined in our Process Specification. Parts are then cured to the powder manufacturer’s specified cure schedule. They are then cooled, inspected, and packaged to prevent damage during shipment.

If your specifications call for tighter control on the preparation, treatment, and finish, we have a premium process in place to meet your standards.

For customers in need of a specific process as part of their engineering requirements, we can customize our methods to meet your requirement. We will work wit your engineering team to understand the special needs, and tailor our process to meet your specifications.


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